Sometimes it's very difficulty to understand other people thoughts, and sometimes it's very hard not to hate, so there was a man who said:
Ich glaube nicht an die Freiheit des Willens, Schopenhauers Worte, der Mensch kann wohl tun was er will, aber er kann nicht wollen, was er will, begleiten mich in allen Lebenslagen und versöhnen mich mit den Handlungen der Menschen, auch wenn sie mir recht schmerzlich sind.

Diese Erkenntnis von der Unfreiheit des Willens schützt mich davor, mich selbst und die Mitmenschen als handelnde Individuen allzu ernst zu nehmen und den guten Humor zu verlieren.

Albert Einstein

The only thing to find here ist

"I Hate U" by O(+>

"U have just accessed the HATE wish 2 change your entry?"
[BEEP] "Very well, please enjoy your experience!"

I never thought that U would be the 1
After all the things that we've been thru
Gave your body to another in the name of fun,
Hope you had some baby, if not, boo-hoo.

It's so sad, but I hate U
Like a day without sunshine
It's so bad, but I hate U
'Cuz you're all that's ever on my mind
Honey, I hate U
Now every day will be a waste of time
'Cuz I hate U

I never thought that I could feel this way
2 fall in I is a title reserved 4 fools
Say you're sorry if U wanna, but it's all in vain
Another dull sweet baby, that's why we're thru


This court is now in session.........will the defendant please rise and state

your name 4 the court?......nevermind. (Billy Jack Bitch!)
You're being charged with 1 2 many counts of heartbreaking in the first

degree....I don't give a damn about the main concern is U and me.
Your Honor, may I call to the stand my one and only witness......a girl

who knows damn well she did not have no damn business.
I know what U did, how U did it, and .... eh ... who U did it U

might as well take your time, 'cuz U sure can't plead the Fifth.
Now raise your right U swear 2 tell the whole truth, not the
half truth like U used 2, so help U God?
Nod your head 1 time if U hear me--if U don't, I'll have 2 use the rod.
Anything if it'll make U see, my're gonna miss me.........
you're gonna miss me.
(Ooh!) If it will please the court, I'd like 2 have the defendant to place her
hands behind her I can tie her real tight and get into the act.
(I'd like 2 show U how good it used 2 be. I want it 2 be so good, she falls back in I with me)
Close your eyes........I gonna cover your ass with this sheet, and I want U 2

pump your hips like U used 2, and baby U better stay on the beat.

Did U do 2 your other man the same things that U did 2 me? Right now, I hate
U so much I wanna make I until U see......that it's killing me baby 2 be
without U. 'Cuz all I ever wanted 2 do is 2 be with U!

Oh! I hate U (I hate U) 'cuz I I U ('cuz I I U).....but I can't I U
(I can't I U) 'cuz I hate U (I hate U).
Because I I U...........I I U girl
(ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!)
I I U..........I I U............I I U
(ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!)

I I U 'cuz you're all that's ever on my mind.......I hate U because I I U!